Snow in April!

  It hasn’t failed me yet.  I put out the first new transplants of the year, and the next day  . . . .snow!   The forecast was for rain showers today, and a high of 8 degrees C. But instead, we got snow, and a high of 1º C.  You wouldn’t guess that just […]

Preparing beds for Planting

Spring is early this year.  The frost is gone from the top 18 inches of garden soil.  Even the bigger compost piles have little or no frost left.  The temperatures have been warm, some days as high as 20 degrees Celsius.  But it feels desolate:  there are no leaves on the trees and very little […]

Planting Flats

Flats of Veggies . . . I have planted 11 flats over the last two weeks.  Not a lot of flats in the grand scheme of things, but each flat has between 72 and 128 plants.  That means I’ve planted somewhere in the neighbourhood of 1000 plants.  That’s a lot of fresh veggies:  butter lettuce, […]