CSA – What to Expect after you sign up



Once you have paid your basket deposit, you can expect to receive your regular CSA basket on either Friday or Saturday.  Our season runs from June 1 until the first week of October, depending on the weather.

Fast Family Farms Website Account

All CSA customers will receive a login ID and password for the Fast Family Farms website. This will give you access to your personal account information, including your CSA account funds balance. Every week, the contents of the basket will be debited from your account, and you will be able to see your remaining funds available.

The Login ID and password will also enable you to "shop" on our website.  Please see below for details on how to customize your order.

Weekly Emails

Two days prior to delivery, Fast Family Farms will send out an email indicating the produce you can expect in your upcoming basket. If you are happy with the basket contents, you don't have to do anything - the order will be processed as is, the cost for the basket items will be automatically debited from your account, and the basket will be delivered to you.

Customize Your Order

If you want to add to your basket, or substitute items, you definitely can!

  • Log in to your account and navigate to our Shop page.
  • If you want most of the items in the basket, click on the weekly basket & add it to your cart (this way all the items will be added).  Then remove the items you don't want and browse the shop page to add any items you do want.
  • If you would like quite a different basket, feel free to create your own order by selecting from the available items on the Shop page. If you do customize, make sure to compete the checkout process. You won't have to pay anything - basket costs will be debited from your Account Funds.
  • If you run into any difficulties, please feel free to email us!


Please make sure your customization is completed 24 hours prior to delivery!  Otherwise we will send you the regular CSA basket.