CSA – Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the right size basket for me?

    • Either a Weekly Half-Basket or a Bi-Weekly Full Basket would work well for a family of two.
    • A family of four typically orders a Weekly Full Basket.
    • A single person may prefer a Weekly Half Basket or a Bi-weekly Half basket.
If you find the amount you are receiving each week is either too much or too little, you can customize your baskets to increase or decrease the amounts.  Either way you are only charged for the items you receive.

Is Customizing the same as Ordering?

Yes.  We use the terms interchangeably, as you will be placing an order on our website when you customize.

What if I customize my baskets, order a lot, and use up all of my Account Funds?

If you decide to customize your orders, and end up ordering more than you expected to during the Season, you can "top up" your Account funds at any time.  Likewise, if you have Account Funds left over at the end of the season, the remaining Funds will be reimbursed to you.

How can I find out how much money is left in my Account Funds?

There are 2 options:
  • After you Login, choose My Account from the Menu Items at the top of your screen.  You will see your Account Funds Balance just above your Recent History.
  • After you Login, choose Shop.  You will see your Account Funds Balance in the top right-hand corner of the Shop page.

If I wish to place an order, when do I have to have it submitted by?

The deadline for placing an on-line order is 8 am the morning before you receive delivery.  For example, if you receive your veggies on Tuesday, the order must be received by Monday morning at 8 am.  This tells us what we need to harvest and allows us enough time to harvest, clean and deliver to all customers.

Why must I place an order a day ahead?

We like to make sure our vegetables are as fresh as possible when we deliver them.   In order to do that we harvest them the day before you receive them.  It’s an involved, all-day process:  harvest, clean, package and place in the cooler, and we need the whole day to get it all done!

What happens if you are out of an item I have ordered?

We will either substitute a very close item (ie. a medium romaine instead of a large romaine) or skip the item and refund the cost back to your Account Funds.  If the item we substitute is of lesser value than the item you ordered, we will refund the difference.

Do I need to place an order each week?

No, you don't need to place an order each week.  The regular procedure is that we provide you with the standard Basket you selected at the beginning of the season.  We offer the option to order so that you can customize the basket if you would like to, but ordering is not necessary.

I meant to place an order but forgot. What happens if I forget to order?

If you forget to order, don’t worry.  You will still receive the standard basket that you signed up for.

What happens when I select “CSA Basket” and add it to my Cart?

When you are placing an order and add ‘CSA Basket’ to your cart, all the items in that week’s basket get added to your cart.  You can then eliminate the items you do not wish to receive, and of course add others.

What happens if I’m not home at delivery time?

We require that someone be home to accept delivery as we are not able to leave vegetables unattended on a doorstep.   If you are not able to be home to receive Delivery, we ask that you make alternative arrangements for us (i.e. deliver to a friend, neighbour or family member), or simply put out a cooler for us to place the veggies into.

I’m going on vacation – can I skip a delivery?

Yes.  Please let us know in advance if you are going to be away and we can skip a delivery, no problem.  You are only charged for the vegetables you actually receive.

Should I wait for the Newsletter to come out before I place my order?

Yes!  The Newsletter informs you of what is available this week.  New vegetables become available as the season progresses and that means the vegetables change from week to week.  We update the available items just prior to sending out the Newsletter, so if you order before the Newsletter comes out you are ordering from the previous week’s menu, and the selections may not be up to date.

Where can I find my past orders?

Previous orders are available on the ‘My Account’ page in 2  places:
  • You can view both Orders and Deposits in Recent History in the middle of the page.  The default shows the last six entries, or you can select ‘Show All’ to see more.  You can also filter the results in various ways.
  • You can also click Orders on the left side of the screen to view your order history.

Is it better to customize, or receive the standard basket?

This is definitely a personal choice and there are many things to consider.  Here are a couple of things we see from our end.
  • The advantage to getting the standard basket is that occasionally you will get a surprise – a vegetable you aren’t familiar with.  This gives you the opportunity to try something new, or try out a new recipe, and this can be a fun and rewarding experience!    On occasion, new veggies become ripe at the last minute.  Although these are not yet listed on the website, they will be available to the standard basket and we will include them when we can. We do our best to provide you with a suitable variety and you will always get the latest in-season veggies in your standard basket.
  • Placing a customized order gives you the opportunity to get more of the vegetables your family loves, and leave out some they might not like as much.  Or you may be expecting company and need more of some items.  Placing an order is a way to make sure you get the items you really want.

I don’t live in one of the Towns mentioned. Can I still get a basket?

There are a couple of options.  We may deliver near to you, in which case we may be able to set you up on a delivery route.  Some customers pick up at the farm each week.  Please contact us here to discuss what might work best for you.